Getting a Cat with Kidney Disease (or any other chronic illness) to Eat

As I’m still doing introductions, I haven’t quite gotten into the nitty gritty of what this blog is about or our mission just yet. Nor have I talked much about Penny’s chronic illnesses.

She was diagnosed with Feline Diabetes in 2013. Quickly went into remission with a diet change and six weeks of insulin and stayed in remission for 14 months. (One of the foods I use is Young Again Zero Mature). She was diagnosed with spinal arthritis in 2015 and also came out of remission from her diabetes. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 chronic kidney disease in February of 2016 and has been holding in Stage 4 ever since. She also achieved the somewhat rare and elusive SECOND diabetic remission in 2016 a few months after she was diagnosed with kidney disease.

So, being a Cat Nurse has become the “norm” around here. And I’m part of a lot of online support groups on Facebook to help us manage these diseases while preserving her quality of life and getting much-needed laymen’s experience, which has saved Penny’s life on quite a few occasions!

penny fluids feb 2016

Penny, in 2016 just after we successfully administered sub-q fluids for the very first time!

So I went back “On This Day” on Facebook this morning and came across a re-post from the Feline Chronic Kidney Disease support group. I would LOVE to take credit for this…I WISH I wrote it, but did not! Anybody who has ever had a sick pet can relate to this!

Sometimes humor is good to really help break up the burden of constantly caring for and worrying about your fur babies!

“I don’t care if you guys don’t like it, I just spent $50 on this case of food, you best eat it!”

“Really? You threw up on the new carpet? Come on, guys, the linoleum right there, ugh.”

“No, I am not feeding you on the carpet or on the counter…you’ll get wet food on the new carpet.”

“We can’t buy treats or that food, it’s too expensive.”

“You don’t like that food? What about this one? Or this one? Wait, I can run out and buy 60 different ones until we find one you like.”

“You threw up? Is it foam, bile, food? Do you need a Pepcid…wait, let me take a picture and inspect this further.”

“You wanna eat on my pillow? Okay. How about on the coffee table, the carpet, the counter…heck, wanna eat on the dinner table?”

“You like these treats? I can have them one-day shipped for $50. You’re actually eating that food? Where’s my credit card, it’s only $$$$ for a case.”

PLEASE share this if you know somebody who is caring for a sick pet! It’s amazing what a little humor can do to raise our spirits JUST when we need it!

If you want more info on the groups I belong to on Facebook to manage Penny’s Feline Diabetes and Feline Chronic Kidney Disease, please email me or join us on Facebook and shoot me a PM! One of the goals of this blog is to show people just how manageable these diseases can be! Join Us on Facebook!

2 thoughts on “Getting a Cat with Kidney Disease (or any other chronic illness) to Eat

  1. I can so relate. I was a cat nurse for over three years to hyperthyroid cat named Hershey. We tried everything. She was partial to lamb. I stopped short of buying fresh lamb for her. Now I’m trying to get our Callie to eat. At her last routine vet visit she had lost weight. The vet went through the list of what it could be, but told us to drop by and have her weighed again in two months before she decided on what tests to do. So, I’ve been doing the “Please eat, Callie” dance. After we got home I started discovering cat food in strange places. It seems mice had been stealing her food. We live in the country, what can I say. So we got more proactive in killing mice and moved her food into the kitchen where we can keep an eye on it better and she is getting pretty much whatever she wants. She is particularly fond of the little cups of baby shrimp. If this does the trick and she turns out not to have a terrible disease I am going to have one spoiled cat on my hands. 🙂


    • That’s what I’m going through with Penny right now! She does have stage 4 kidney disease but so far (and knock wood) has outlived what we expected by a year! lol One thing I try when my indoor or feral cats won’t eat is Weruva Cats in the Kitchen gravy pouches. When Penny first crashed from her kidney disease and needed an emergency dental, that’s ALL she would eat for 3 weeks. Didn’t eat the meat, either. Just the gravy. But it kept her out of fatty liver disease and diabetic ketoacidosis so it worked! Find us on Facebook and private message us to let you know how you made out if you try it! Prayers for sweet Callie!


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