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  • Young Again Zero (Carb) is the ONLY dry food I will feed to my indoor cats and I also make sure my feral/outdoor cats eat 1/4 cup each before I put down the “junk food” for them. Please read our posts in the Feline Health and Feline Diabetes categories to see what this food has done for my cats! Young Again Zero (Carb)
  • Young Again Zero (Carb) Mature Health is for senior kitties. Once the kits turn 3, they will also be transitioned to Mature from the regular Zero. Mature is as low in phosphorus as the so-called “prescription” foods, which is a major consideration when feeding a cat with chronic kidney disease! Young Again Zero (Carb) Mature Health
  • An alternative dry cat food to Young Again is Wysong Epigen 90. It’s as low-carb as Young Again and starch-free like YA. Make sure you choose Epigen 90 rather than the regular Epigen kibble if your cat is diabetic! If you go through this link you can get 10% off your order by using the code “10OFFWYSONG” (without the quotes).
  • I have used freeze-dried raw as a topper to get my innies to eat wet food and also standalone as a treat. One of the kits’ favorites is Wysong Archetype Chicken. This can be reconstituted with water as a complete meal or used as a topper to entice your kitty to eat wet food! Amazon-Wysong Archetype Chicken
  • Raw Cat Food. I’ve learned with Penny & The Kits that they will not eat any raw food with pre-mixes or anything added to the meat. So I had to find a nutritionally complete raw food that was balanced using the right amount of muscle, organs and bones. They have liked Raw Paws Cat Food the best so far. If you click here and use the code RAWTAKE10, you will get 10% off your order!
  • More freeze-dried raw options that are great as toppers or reconstituted with water for a complete meal! Primal Nuggets for Cats-Pork
  • More freeze-dried raw options that are great as toppers or reconstituted with water for a complete meal! Primal Nugget for Cats-Chicken & Salmon
  • More freeze-dried raw options that are great as toppers or reconstituted with water for a complete meal! Primal Nuggets for Cats-Turkey
  • More freeze-dried raw options that are great as toppers or reconstituted with water for a complete meal! Primal Nuggets for Cats-Beef & Salmon


Tiggy enjoying her new pet bed
Tiggy enjoying her new pet bed!



  • Feral cats often are FIV+ and carry herpes virus, which results in red eyes and nasty upper respiratory infections. I’ve learned this from experience. So I try to supplement as many as possible with L-Lysine, an essential amino acid that stops the herpes virus from reproducing. If I cannot syringe it into their mouth, I use these treats.. Vetri Science Lysine Plus Chews 120ct
  • I try to feed them Young Again, but for those who flat out refuse to eat it (ahem, Fluffy!), I feed this dry food to the ferals ONLY. This contains much-needed Lysine to help boost their immunity and keep them healthy and help prevent eye infections and URIs.. Purina One Tender Selects Dry Cat Food-Chicken
  • These are actually for ME when I’m out there in sub zero temps. It’s not enough just to feed the ferals and go. They want me to hang out with them no matter the weather! These things are MONEY in the dead of Winter when it’s, like 2*F outside!! I have Raynaud’s and these def make Winter more bearable! Hot Hands Hand Warmers – Box of 40
  • The next best thing to bringing our community cats inside is to provide them with a heated house outside! I’ve used these houses for years and they have stayed dry in the worst rain! NOTE: I DO have them wedged under trees or under our roof overhang for added protection! K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty House-Small
  • Another outdoor heated kitty house that is a little larger and heavier. K&H Outdoor Heated A-Frame Kitty House
  • And here’s another option that seems more sturdy. I just found these online so may try one out this year! K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty House-Birchwood
  • My friend Marlene donated this to my feral kitties (specifically, Orange), but Trouble LOVES it! He loves to hang out on the “balcony” to survey his domain! Petsfit 2-Story Outdoor Weatherproof Cat House
  • I also have some heating pads inside our shed (while the lawn equipment sits tarped in the backyard… lol) inside of plastic totes. These things have kept our ferals comfy in even the coldest Winter temps! K&H Lectro Soft Heating Pad-Choose Size or K&H Lectro Soft Heating Pad-Choose a Size
  • Keeping wet food warm and water liquid is a CHALLENGE when the temps drop below freezing. These bowls are MONEY for Winter use! K&H Thermo Kitty Cafe Heated Bowl Set
  • This keeps water defrosted even out in the snow (although I would recommend having the bowl itself in the shelter) K&H Thermal Blue Bowl-96oz
  • We live in the woods near Wharton State Forest in South Jersey. Ticks and fleas are a way of life here. It’s costly to treat five indoor cats and eight feral cats with Revolution and I don’t love the thought of dousing my cats with pesticides monthly for the rest of their lives. So I tried these beneficial nematodes. Before doing two applications in May, I had 16 ticks for the season. After, from May to this writing (October), I’ve had JUST TWO. Oreo was plagued with these big nasty dog ticks before I sprayed. He had at least 10. Since I’ve sprayed? He’s had JUST ONE and I suspect he picked it up when he was hanging out in my neighbor’s yard. Stay tuned for a blog post on this subject! Beneficial Nematodes for Flea & Tick Control


  • Phos Bind. Phosphorus binder for cats with later-stage chronic kidney disease. Please do not use without your veterinarian’s consent. Phos Bind
  • Gelatin Capsules. These little bad boys make it so much easier to pill a cat! They can’t taste the pill and the capsule is easier to swallow than a cut pill. Now Foods Size 3 Gelatin Capsules-1000ct