The “Innies”


Penny having some fun taking selfies with my phone, 2016

The Kits

The kits in 2015 with their mama, Fluffy, before we rescued them.


Fluffy in all her Queenie Splendor, Summer 2016
The “Yard Cats” – In Seniority Order


The Lion King surveying his domain, August 2017

Charlie (The Cat Formerly Known as Hitler)

Charlie eating in the shed 2015
Charlie – Winter, 2015

Blacky (The Neighbor’s Cat)


Trouble, doing construction work on his little house, September 2017


Big Orange waiting for dinner, September 2017
Those Who Have Crossed the Bridge

Tabby – 7/22/96 – 4/24/12

Tabby getting chin rubs.
That FACE!! Chin rubs were her favorite!

Checkers-RIP April 2015

Checky, when he realized he was “home”, if only for a short while.

Weeny the Wacko – 7/15/11 – 9/13/15

Bird Watching – 2012